There is a multiple entry permit that allows eligible citizens to travel to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for several trips of up to 90 days. This Authorization has a validity of one 1 year, counting from the date of issue. Applicants’ passports must be valid for at least six months after the intended date of arrival in Saudi Arabia.

Please, note that at the moment “arrival into Saudi Arabia on an international tourism e-visa is currently suspended, due to travel restrictions resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic.“ We hope this situation changes very soon and being able to welcome you back again.

Please check the Embassy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia website for more updated information.

Temperature can vary quite a lot from the coast to the interior, being cooler in the first place. Saudi Arabia is a desert and this means it has extreme temperatures. In January temperature can drop up to 20ºC, while in August can rise to 38ºC.

Women dress code is described in Women Section.

For men, avoid dressing in shorts (except when swimming). Legs and shoulders should be covered. Short sleeved t-shirts are allowed but long sleeves are recommendable.

Yes, it is. But cafes with abundant tea and coffee are available and a great place to meet people.

If you are planning to cover an extensive area of the country, then flying might be the most convenient option for you. Some of the airlines you can check are Saudia, Flynas, SaudiGulf Airlines and Flyadeal.
Traveling by bus is a good option to move between cities. The national bus company Saptco might a pleasant option.
To travel by train, there are two main train companies you can check: Saudi Railways Organization and Saudi Arabia Railways. Another possibility is to use the Haramain high-speed railway which links Medina to Mecca.
Metered taxis should be available in all main cities.
Although each of us have different concepts for “low budget”, Saudi Arabia can seem a bit over expensive when comparing it with other destinations. Hotels might be the most pricy to have into account when traveling, as sharing rooms and/or hostels are not very common. Apart-hotels are usually the best-value.
Saudi food have reasonable prices and rations are big!
You can buy SIM cards at the airport. STC and Mobily are two good company options. The first one is a bit more expensive but offers better coverage.
You will not find any problem in finding ATMs throughout the country, and all of them will offer you English menus.
Although no one will be surprised if you bargain, don’t be surprised either if you don’t get any discounts. It really depends on the establishment and the demand!
Although the official language of the country is Arabic, many Saudi people speak enough English to make your stay comfortable and easy. Besides, most road signs are written in both languages.

But one way or another, we encourage you to learn a few words or sentences in Arabic. Local people will appreciate it and it will open you a lot of doors.

We will leave you here a few basic sentences you might want to learn:

“Assalaam ‘alaikum” (may peace be upon you) to say “hello”. Then, you can kindly answer “wa alaikom as-salam” (and peace be with you).

Kay-fa haloka/haloki [male/female]: How are you? “Bi-khair” would be a good answer: I am fine.

Kam al-eh-zayer: How much is this?
Ghali: expensive
Rakhis: cheap.

Ah wa: yes
Luh: no
Meesh moosh-kilah: No problem.
Yallah: Let´s go.
Shoo-kran: Thank you
Min fadlik: Please
Inshallah: if Allah wills it.
· Use your right hand for shaking hands.

· Avoid crossing your legs or showing the underside of your feet when talking to someone.

· Remove your shoes when entering to somebody´s house or to a sacred placed.

· If you eat with your hands, in accordance with Islamic custom, use always your right hand.

· Use strong eye contact. Eyes are the windows to the soul.

· Don´t refuse a gift, or this will be considered as an insult.
· Public display of affection is not well considered in Saudi Arabia. Actually, you can get fined if kissing or hugging.

· Remember that politics and religion topics are always an issue in every country. Well, obviously, Saudi Arabia is not different.

· Don´t bring any drones into the country, even if they are for personal use. You will need an approval from the Saudi General Authority of Civil Aviation.

· Don´t jump in front of anyone in a queue.

· Gambling is considered ilegal.

· Don´t play loud music in public. Fines are higher if you do so during prayers.

· Don´t spit in the street.

· Entering Mecca and Medinah as a non-Muslim is forbidden
Taking photographs of landscapes and streets is allowed, but please note that photographing Saudi people without permission and government buildings is illegal.