Let us teach you the art of diving and show you our amazing Red Sea from different parts of the Saudi coast.

For us, safety is a priority, but that doesn’t mean we can not have fun! We would love you to have a truly amazing experience in Saudi Arabia!

Red Sea Citizen welcomes every gender but we focus our efforts on empowering women to get into scuba diving. In a sport with such a strong masculine presence, we think it is time to encourage women to get in the water. If you are a man, please, join us and help us with this duty.

We make huge efforts to spread ocean awareness and protect our environment. How couldn’t we do it after everything the sea is giving us!

Why Us?


"Being a female diver means the world to me."
We want to encourage all women to discover this magical 71% of the planet. The underwater world should be a life-changing experience for everyone.


"Let´s try to raise water awareness even with a word or a message."
Protecting our ocean is a must. We would be nothing without it. Spreading ocean awareness and create good and positive divers is one of our main goals.


“Travel is where you really get to meet yourself.”
Might be your first time either traveling to Saudi Arabia or a specific part of the Kingdom. One way or another, we know it is always a relief to get some updated information and tips beforehand.


“Diving in the Red Sea is like entering a natural art gallery.”
We understand that proper education means time and patience. We focus our efforts, not just on teaching you how to scuba dive, but to make you fall in love with the ocean.

Nouf Alosaimi

Born and raised in Taif, Saudi Arabia, Nouf Alosaimi traveled to Manchester, England, to complete her undergraduate degree in Tourism Management. In 2008 she was missing home, the sunshine and the deserts, and so decided to take a break and head to Egypt’s Sharm El Sheikh for a recharge. There, she signed up for a PADI Discover Scuba Dive – it was the first time she experienced the beauty and wonders of the underwater world, and she fell in love with diving.

In 2011, Alosaimi completed her PADI Divemaster course in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. She then decided to make scuba diving a full-time job and traveled back to Sharm El Sheikh, where she spent three years as an underwater photographer and diving guide working with tourists. She proudly became a PADI Instructor in 2013 and has been training other scuba diving enthusiasts since.

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